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Saturday, October 07, 2006 

Fire in the hole: 12 months are enough

"Petty Officer Bacos said he was on patrol with the marine squad who were looking for an insurgent - Saleh Gowad - who had been captured three times but released.

Petty Officer Bacos said the marines were angry the insurgent had been freed and, frustrated at not finding him, instead seized civilian Hashim Awad from his home.

The medic said Mr Awad, 52, was put in a hole.

He testified: "I knew that we were doing something wrong. I tried saying something, sir."

But he said a marine told him to "quit being a pussy".

Petty Officer Bacos said squad leader Sgt Lawrence Hutchins III then fired three shots into Mr Awad's head followed by at least seven more rounds to the head from Cpl Trent Thomas.

Petty Officer Bacos said Sgt Hutchins called command for permission to fire on a man he had seen digging a hole.

Prosecutors say an AK-47 assault rifle, bullets and a shovel were placed next to Mr Awad's body to make it appear as if he were trying to plant a roadside bomb.

Seven marines are at various stages of the militaryjustice process over the kidnap and murder.

The US military has said the death penalty will not be sought against any of the marines.

Presiding judge Col Steve Folsom said Petty Officer Bacos could face a life sentence if found guilty but media reports have said it could be as little as 12 months." BBC News

Well... I really have nothing much to say more than what the story tells... Just do what you like, get tried, and get tickeled in your ass for punishment... That's fun...

I don't know why I remembered the following verses while reading the piece of news:
This time the bullet cold rocked ya
A yellow ribbon instead of a swastika
Nothin' proper about ya propaganda
Fools follow rules when the set commands ya
Said it was blue
When ya blood was read
That's how ya got a bullet blasted through ya head

Blasted through ya head

Rage against the Machine - A Bullet in the Head

I'm not at all surprised..

They pretty much have a carte blanche where Iraq's concerned, if he gets a whole 12 months they'll be spent in luxury and he'll be out in six.

I wish I could say I was suprised to see a comment on this but a steady silence on the muslim on muslim violence in Iraq, Egypt and other places.

Doesn't it get old being the weak, opressed one after awhile?

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