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Friday, September 22, 2006 

Questions I need answers for

The Egyptian TV has been broadcasting the annual conference for the National Democratic Party, that is supposed to be an internal conference, for almost the whole day. Everybody I know just switched the channel when the "show" started. And actually, the fact that the Egyptian TV, which is not an NPD property, shows the NDP's annual conference and gives it a priority for coverage made me think and ask the following questions:
  1. Why doesn't the Egyptian TV cover other parties' conferences?
  2. Does the NDP pay the Egyptian TV to have this long time of coverage, or vise versa?
  3. Is it the government that covers the expenses of the conference of the NDP finance dept.?
  4. Who pays for the gas the president's car consumes when he is heading for the conference of his party?
  5. Who pays for the gays the president consumes in general?
  6. Did Gamal Mubarak spend the obligatory military service?
  7. How can Ahmed Ezz be apparently fought by the government while he is one of the leaders in the NDP?
If anyone can help me answer these questions, feel free to put down your answers.

I have been making so many mistypings lately... I have to correct the following:

Question 3: Is it the government that covers the expenses of the conference OR the NDP finance dept?
Question 5: Who pays for the GAS (not gays) the president consumes in general? (Although I find no difference actually, wink Alaa ;) )

gamal mubarak has dual nationality he is exempt from military service.

and what are these gays that the president consumes? shame on you doubting our president's manlyhood :-)

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