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Sunday, October 01, 2006 

Hop!! Are you training him or what?

Officer One: All Ready?
Cam Officer: Ready!
Officer One: Ready??
Cam Officer: Hit him...
Officer One: (acting like he will slap him) Haaaa... (gives him a finger) Fuck you! (laughing!!!)
Cam Officer: C'moon hit him, hit him *officer name not clear*.

Officer One moves aways and he is still laughing...

Cam Officer: Okay, hit him Moustafa, you hit him. Hit him, Moustafa... Yeah hit.

Officer Two moves to the guy and starts slapping.

Officer Two: Don't raise your hands, boy. Don't raise your hands. Put your hands down, put them down. Hop (a loud slap). I said put your hands down, boy.
Officer One: (background) Hop!!! Were you training him or what? (laughter)
Officer Two: BOYY (then a louder slap)...
Officer One: (background) Okay, enough enough... Stop!

I leave it without comments.

This video's just too disturbing, i actually wish i hadn't seen it.

eh da? bgad leh el zol da???, it's really a very disgusting and horrible clip, how could they do that?

I have just seen this video, tempted after I heard that this Moustafa will be taken to court (www.misrdigital.com). I do hope they hang him and leave him to rot in a crowded street like stray insects.

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