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Monday, October 23, 2006 

A question!

What makes you love women wearing this:

And attack them for wearing this:
And force them to unwear this:

If the lady wearing bikini is free to wear what she likes, then the women wearing the hijab (veil) or niqab are free to choose what to wear. And it is none of anyone's fuckin' business to tell them what to wear.

My point of view is not based on religion here, because I do believe I have no right to question everyone's religion. It is based on the very simple sense of freedom the west that is implemented in the west. I do believe anyone is free to wear what they like, specially when what they wear is part of what they believe. Be what they believe right or wrong, no one should tell them to do what to do. And logically, if those who are against hijab or niqab because they are religious symbols, why don't you people go ask Christians to unwear their crosses, and the Jews to unwear their hats, and the seikhs unwear their turbans.

If the argument is about the fact that wearing a cross or a hat or a turban is not an obligation in those religions. I say this does not still give you any reason or justification to force some kind of dress on people.

And I wonder, if Muslims in the 52 Muslim country around the world forced the Christians living in their countries to unwear their crosses. In Islam, Jesus Christ was not crucified, and so to a Muslim a cross should be a religious symbol of something they believe to be untrue. Will anyone defend those who force Christians to unwear their crosses??

I am not putting any professional argument here, this is how the common Muslim thinks nowadays after France prohibited hijab in schools, Tunisia following the same steps, England's attack on niqab and finally Egypt's University of Helwan controversy over niqab.

If there are people who are free to walk almost naked, there are people who are absolutely free to wear what they believe to be modest. Be they Muslims, Christians, Jews or even aliens.

Perhaps you are unaware that in Saudi Arabia all non-muslim religious symbols are prohibited, indeed no churches or bibles are permitted, and that non-muslims cannot even be buried there. All women must be covered in public.

In Iran all women, not just Muslims, must wear the chador.

In France, the government prohibits all religious symbols - hijab, crosses, kipas, Sikh turbans, etc., in public schools. Tunisia and Turkey also have similar restrictions.

In the West no teacher would be allowed to wear a bikini except at the beach or the swimming pool. The comparison is not valid.

In my opinion, hijab or chador is generally fine. Niqab is not, especially in cases of a civil servant (i.e. teachers) or other employee dealing with the public. The face must be visible for purposes of communication, identification and security. On their own time people can where what they want.

I trust you will now be posting in support of freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and the right to wear what you want (including bikinis) in the Muslim world including in Saudi Arabia.

I cannot speak on behalft of all the European countries, but in Scandinavia it would be extremely unlikely to se women in bikinis anywhere but on the beach.

No one goes to work, goes out shopping ore goes visiting friends wearing af bikini. Never. Unthinkable.

And should someone get the strange idea; she would be asked to put on something more.

What makes me distance myself from a woman wearing the niqab is the fact that I can´t se her face. And I find that impolite and a way for her to isolate herself from "the real world".

If a woman wishes to wear the niqab she is free to do so, but I would never hire her for any job whatsoever, I would never feel tempted to start a conversation with her and I would never see any reason for me to get to know her i any way.
Likewise, I would never hire someone who insists on wearing a bikini as her regular outfit, and neither will she appeal to any kind of relation whatsoever.

In my book this is not a religious issue or a question of personal freedom. No one has got complete freedom anyway.

But if you choose to dress or behave in a way that differs significantly from the general public you are bound to attract negative attention. Whatever your intensions were.

I have experienced something of the same on a trip to Cairo. I dressed very modest, and only my hands and head were visible, but still people stared and/or shouted at me. And is was not friendly words.

That´s how it is. As the old saying goes: When in Rome you have to live as a Roman.

In my country - though founded on Christianity - faith is considered a private matter.
Also because of this women wearing the veil in public puts themselves in a position where they force their religious bellief and habbits on to other people.
And thank you, but no. I don´t want that.

We don´t wear any kind of headgear indoors either and when anyone acts against this, again it will be consideres impolite and bad manners.

What they choose to do in France is up to the french to decide.
I don´t quite understand what the problem is for muslim schoolgirls. I have allways thougt that the veil - if neccesary - where something for the adult woman and not for a girl.
Besides; no girl wore the veil 15 or 25 years ago and that makes me wonder why it suddenly has become an issue now.

And a final note: In my part of the world walking around naked in public is a criminal offence.

If their employer, or the government demanded, upon issuance of an I.D., then they must take them off. What good is a drivers license if it does not identify the driver?

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