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Friday, December 29, 2006 

Jimmy's Corner is one year old!

Today, this blog celebrates its first birthday... However, I still have time till I go back to blogging. I will see you soon...

Happy Eid, and Happy New Year everybody!

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Happy Bir.. blogday! =)

*Takes out the party gear*

Hi Ahmed
I am Sara Magdy, from the MSA. Happy birthday for your blogger and happy eid. I hope everything is going fine. BY the way i like your blogger and i like your style of writing poetry on the other blogger.You take care and see you soon.

happy bd ... etc

HAPPY BIRTHDAY "Jimmy's corner"!!
Hope you can celebrate MANY MORE birthdays in future ... and have a GREAT party together with the "Sphinx", who's a dear friend of mine!! Day "hi" for me please ...

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