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Friday, November 03, 2006 

Normal observations

The following scenes have become something normal to watch in the streets around here:

  • A guy walking talking to himself.
  • A guy beating the air and shouting at an invisible enemy.
  • A lady walking with all kinds of makeup on her ugly face, and angry cuz no one is impressed.
  • A guy chasing a dog.
  • A taxi driver that is driving a junk, and trying to win the race against a bus in a U turn.
  • A guy dating two girls in two restaurant in the same mall.
  • People reading national newspapers and taking what is written for granted.
Just a week ago, great noise came out of a bathroom in famous hotel, it sounded like two guys are fighting there. The hotel's security force broke into the bathroom and found one man inside looking at the mirror and shouting: "I am no motherfucker, you motherfucker".

No wonder we are going down!

Seems Egypt has changed a lot since I left.. Didn't I tell you to take care of it while I'm gone? :D

how about the two accidents a day (at least) i drive by, the police conscripts openly begging for mooney, the mad chase behind anybody wearing khaleejy outfit, the dual ethical system we use (the will and desire to have a girlfriend but raising hell if it was your sister)......

how about the tagneed freezing your life for a couple of months untill they decide wheather you are in or out, and they claim they do that to limit unemployment, 75le a months for a year...

Very nice post and a nicer blog.

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