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Sunday, January 07, 2007 

Why let Israelis kill us if we can kill each other!!!

If you look at the Palestinian people, you would really get yourself into the verge of falling mad. I am trying to remember one time, just one time, when Palestinians solved their problems without firing a bullet. Even on the Egyptian TV, the newscaster was wondering when Palestinians shall be able to agree on something without fighting. The current clash over power between Fatah and Hamas underscores the fact that:
  1. Palestinians are extremely stupid and politically poor.
  2. The existence of two opposing powers in Palestine means more blood.
  3. They like to show their dirty side to the world.
  4. They think "why let Israeli kill us if we can kill ourselves?"


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I don't think they can solve a single problem without killing each other.

I think that this the way some Arab countries solve their problems such as what is going in Iraq. They always disregard the common enemy and create enemies of one another.

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