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Wednesday, January 10, 2007 

Long Live Egyptian Justice

Emad El Kebeer:
A victim of police brutality who was sexually abused in Bolak El Dakrur police station as two officers put a stick in his arse (anus).

While driving his bus he found someone beating the hell out of his cousin. He went out of the bus, ran to defend his cousin. The guy left his cousin and started beating him the same way. Emad could beat the hell out of the guy it seems. The guy turned out to be a noncommissioned officer in normal outfit.

Emad was dragged to the police station, beaten, and sexually abused the way I mentioned before. The officers recorded him sexually abused and gave it via Bluetooth to all his fellow drivers.

Emad's story came to life, but the Egyptian television and national newspapers gave a deaf ear and a blind eye. The two officers are held for trial now... Justice has taken place hah??

Emad is sentenced for 3 months in Jail for resisting authorities.

My comment:
Emad, you should not have resisted authority as you should not have moved your ass as they were putting the stick inside. That was an outrage you made, man. You were angry because a stick was put in your ass? Now you gonna get fucked in jail, buddy.

The government's message to other victims:
Open your mouths and we have enough cells and homosexuals waiting for you in jail.


Thanks to: Sandmonkey and 3arabawy.

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Well, this is the Egyptian policy from along time ago, "Kick the weak's ass so the powerful would hide in the cave." It is the own way to make people keep carrying the crown on their heads until they lose their lives.

That's pretty disheartening. I don't know if they'd do that here in the US if you attacked an undercover officer (take you to jail I mean). Then again, I wouldn't expect our cops to act that way, but hey, you never know. Sorry to hear it turned out the way it did for him.

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