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Tuesday, January 09, 2007 

This is the difference!

While Palestinians prove to the world that what is propagated about them is absolutely correct, Olmert plays the desperate peace-maker by implying the intention to withdraw from more lands to allow a Palestinian state be formed.

That's the difference.... Some people are thinking and winning the world's appreciation, while others are just scratching their asses for a fight and making enemies among themselves!!

Sometimes I just feel it is a dead case.

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Well, it is the same old story repaeted al over again and the Palistinians as unable to get it yet. it is as simple as that, "split the fools seeking the illusion of seeking power to get their land and eliminate their power." The case is there but seems that the aplistinians are unable to understand that they have to get rid of their common enemy first before seeking an illusion of power that would never be realized to any of them.

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