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Sunday, March 11, 2007 

192.000 Million Dollars

Guys, we have received more than 192 billion dollars of aids from the world during the past 30 years. Can you feel the difference??

How did we get these tons of money?
10 billion dollars from the Arab countries. (1971 to 1979)
50 billion dollars from the USA. (1979 till now)
20 billion dollars of aids from the World Bank.
25 billion dollars from the EU.
10 billion dollars from Japan.
27 billion dollars from the Arab countries after the end of the boycott.
50 billion dollars of dropped debts according to Paris Treaty.

Total: 192 billion dollars/30 years

And the government is complaining from the economic cession. Viva Corruption.
(Sources: Al Masry Al Youm)

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What an ingrateful public! Why don't u want to understand the Egyptian governments caring policy???!!! MOney corrupts, doen't it. So the leaders take upon their shoulders the pain of corruption and leave the public in peace. You should be grateful!!! Shame on u!!!!!

First of all Sara, shame on you!!! for saying such a thing. It is common sense anybody knows that the country is being robbed by the corrupted Government led by Mubarak!!! I felt sorry for the egyptians who have to suffer and carried the burden of poverty, unemployment and undevelopment. The 192 billion over 30 years, that can build a country like USA in the Middle East but what we can see now in Egypt, people hungry, girls have to sell their dignity for food and men turn to crime to survive!!!

Seems that Mr. anonymous didn't get my point. I was just mocking. They call it "the irony of an Egyptian citizen unable to change the Egyptian reality." Better to laugh than to cry. So I just meant the opposite of what u got. Anyway I'm happy of ur feeling towards Egypt whether ur egyptian or not.
Thanks for ur reply.

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