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Monday, January 15, 2007 

Exclusively Egyptian

Well, wherever you go in Egypt, you have to find something that catches you, making you cry or laugh to death. The things that always caught my attention were the stupid spelling mistakes in road signs or stores' names. I have never taken a photo of any of the mistakes; or you may say, the Egyptian wonders. Fortunately, my friend Bashmohandes sent me an email that shows all. I am just showing here some of bits and pieces of the content of the email.
Guys, what is coming next is exclusively Egyptian...

Let's start with the Egyptian concept of English:

"Bresteeg: For Bartys and Wedeing"... Okay, here is the translation... Prestige for Parties and Weddings...

This guy really knows how to build credibility, I am sure his "Laboratory Scientific for Forigne Languages" is doing veeeeeery well teaching people English.

And the government has to give a word... No comment.

It is never sooo cool until you buy your air conditioner from Ass Egypt. LOL

C'mon, be a good tourist, let them do their job ;). Well, it was supposed to say "Our job is to make you happy". Does it give a different meaning though :D.

And this is the Egyptian Taksi for Taxi.

C'mon, don't you know that MOPAIEL is so dangerous to use in gas stations?

LOOL... Well, it is just referring to the "gentle sex" meaning women. To my Arab readers "el gens el na3em"

"Tourism Restaurant Taher" is really "Exlant", not just very doog, but exlant :D.

And now, to some Egyptian exclusive talents:

He is putting the lock on his flip flop not to be stolen...

The architect who built this building should be granted a Nobel Prize; and then be sentenced to death.

And the one who built this house is a genius. Nothing is impossible. Why move a post away if you can build the house on it???

The sign says: "Haj Rubbish's Beverages"... It just sounds like "Lord Vagabond's Honesty".

And now the French should really be proud. This car is 1979's Peugeot 504 that is supposed to carry only seven passengers. I think Peugeot itself would not find better propaganda.

C'mon, this is just a donkey protecting Egypt's civilization. "Egyptians are bad liars lol"

I finish this with a bitter laugh!

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Friggin' hilarious!
That lamp-post architect is a genious. Give my regards to the Sphinx

Well, the first thing you have to learn about the Egyptian philosophy:
"Consult your mind even if it wrong,but never consult a dictionary or a book."

I think I've seen a few at the top over at BP's place or some where else. They're funny, none the less.

Pics are hilarious! I've been to Egypt many times and have seen the same things and just quietly laughed to myself. Wondered if anyone else noticed and apparently they did :)


LOL helwa awy beta3et MOPAIEL, OMG Hilarious.

Thanks for posting!!!!

Hahaha!! Really funny!!!
I think that architect made a similar masterpiece with a post also here in Italy!!! I've seen it!!

Kisses to your wonderful country!

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