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Sunday, January 14, 2007 

Proctoring = Boredom

If any one asks you about the most boring things in the world, do not forget to list "proctoring exams" among your suggestions. For me, I put it on top. You do not really know how boring it is to keep standing on your feet for 3 hours in the same place looking at the same group of people who are doing the same thing at the same time, in deep deep deep silence. If you are like me, a man who hates to stay in the same place for more than an hour, proctoring university exams would put you a step away from madness.

However, it never gets worse until:
  1. One of the students keeps looking at your face, directly in the eye, until you start doubting that the answers to the exams are written on your forehead.
  2. All the students leave at half time except for a single student that keeps looking at you, and never putting a pen in the answer sheet till the end of the exam.
  3. One of the students start cheating in a very obvious way that makes you annoyed; not because of the fact that he/she is cheating, but because they are very stupid even when they try cheating.
  4. One of the exam supervisors comes into the room with a big smile on her face and telling you "I hope you are enjoying your time!"

P.S: My proctoring schedule ends by the end of January. This thought drives me nuts.

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Hang in there mate, it'll be over soon

Well, this is life !! Try to imagine that you are waiting for a bus to take you somewhere on Thursday. This will make it easier for you. Or that you are trying to buy some bread for your family that costs only 5p per loaf. Or that you went to Dream Park and you want to play games as normal people on Friday. Imagine this you will realise that we wait for things most of our lives not only in "proctoring". I know it is really boring. You know i have been there myself but "What isn't boring in our life?" Just try to hang on and cope with the Egyptian boredom whether in proctoring or in anything else.

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