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Sunday, March 11, 2007 

Prince Harry may serve in Iraq

This is hillarious...

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192.000 Million Dollars

Guys, we have received more than 192 billion dollars of aids from the world during the past 30 years. Can you feel the difference??

How did we get these tons of money?
10 billion dollars from the Arab countries. (1971 to 1979)
50 billion dollars from the USA. (1979 till now)
20 billion dollars of aids from the World Bank.
25 billion dollars from the EU.
10 billion dollars from Japan.
27 billion dollars from the Arab countries after the end of the boycott.
50 billion dollars of dropped debts according to Paris Treaty.

Total: 192 billion dollars/30 years

And the government is complaining from the economic cession. Viva Corruption.
(Sources: Al Masry Al Youm)

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007 

When they play fools!

Saturday March 1st., 2007:
The Israeli TV channel one aired a documentary about the 1967 war focusing on the confessions of Israeli soldiers killing Egyptian POWs in cold blood in Sinai. Consequently, the Egyptian MPs conduct an emergency session to discuss the Israeli massacre against the POWs in light of the evidence the Egyptian TV has shown. Reactions inside the parliament are extremely furious.

August 28, 1995 Volume 146, No. 9:
TIME Magazine
The way retired Israeli general Arieh Biro tells the story doesn't leave much to the imagination. First, he says, the 49 Egyptian soldiers, taken prisoner by Israeli paratroopers in the 1956 war, were ordered to lie face down on the ground. Next, Biro and a lieutenant raked their bodies with submachine gunfire. "They didn't cry out. They were in shock," Biro, then a captain, says without emotion. "It was all over in a couple of minutes." (Read more here)
The story here reminds me of a man who was kicked in the butt 30 years ago, and acted a fool as if he did not feel the kick. Then, after 30 years, he is move to convince everyone that he did not know he was kicked.

That's what the Egyptian MPs are doing now. As if they never had any evidence of any Israeli massacre against our soldiers during the wars of 1956 and 1967 until the Israeli TV aired the massacres. The Time Magazine 1995's issue is enough evidence that they are acting like fools, and nothing will happen at the very end.

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