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Thursday, February 07, 2008 

Two years of silence!

Last February 3rd marked the second anniversary of the ferry disaster in which more than 1000 Egyptians lost their lives in the Red Sea. No one remembered them. No one mentioned. No one asked what happened to the criminal who let more than a 1000 Egyptians die for the sake of making money. No one asked:

  1. Was Mamdoh Ismail, the one responsible for the disaster, imprisoned for his crime?
  2. Were the victims remembered?
  3. Did anyone honor their memory?

The answer to all the questions is No.

Mamdoh Ismail is spending his time in London, living a life that is better than the one he lead in Egypt. No one is after him. The victims were not remembered, their memory just gone with the wind. No one honored their memoriesā€¦. They were worthless useless creatures that perished accidently. No one cares.

Read this to remember the victims of corruption and negligence.

Rest in Peaceā€¦

OHH my God!! A whole year passed. I can't believe,, but you know, really England protects him soo much, he established a great ecnomic backround there, which makes England cares for him that much,, it's not easy at all, the Egyptian Public Prosecution made a lot of effort to arrest him, but believe me IT's not easy,, i worked on that and i guess you remember...

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