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Thursday, February 07, 2008 

Internet, Iran and other things!

It was much of a disaster here in Egypt when I came back home one night to find out that I no longer have internet connection. Sorry, let me correct that: Egypt no longer has internet connection. As the repair operations are progressing and reaching an end. Rumours started to fly over Egyptian websites including FilBalad as soon as data started to connect and Egyptians get back to the web. They say 'a US newspaper' mentioned that the internet crisis was part of a strategic plan made by the United States that is intended to measure the Irani reaction in case the same tactic is used at war time. They even go on to say that this justifies why Israel and Iraq were not affected by the problem despite being in the same affected region.

For a moment it seemed like everyday nonsense to me. However, I received an email from a friend with whom I discussed the matter and he, being a communication engineer, asserted that there is something fishy about it... Go, baby, go...

Later he sent me emails explaining how it is virtually impossible to have the cables damaged because of ships and also fishes saying his most notable comment "These cables are under water, and we know fish live under water. Unless we don't need to use these cables to catch fish, we know well how use them to get people connected"

The first option was that a ship could have damaged both cables. However, this possibility is ruled out since the cables are 1 kilometer away from each other; and both lay in an area where naval activity is restricted. Then, we moved to accusing the fish... Can fish eat this and damage it to the bones???

Fiber optic submarine cables

Submarine cables under water

Unless someone convinces me that a fish wanted to get connected to the web to watch Finding Nemo, I would not buy that it is fish that could damage the world's latest technology.

Looking up the internet for any information about low internet connection in Iran I found out that:

Iran has not responded to a western incentive package that includes the offer of state-of-the-art internet technology in return for the suspension of a key part of the country's nuclear programme. (The Guardian)

And later, Iran banned high-speed internet connection to not to allow the west to use it as a pressure point. Read this...

I am neither denying nor confirming the rumours... Like everybody else... I have no clue...

Don't you agree something fishy is going on here?

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also is news in Iran.

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