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Thursday, February 07, 2008 

Abul Gheit gone wild!

In a TV interview, Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abul Gheit set diplomacy aside and proved how hard he is when he gets wild. Commenting on the Palestinian border breaching dilemma he said that who:

"breaks Egypt's border line, will have his leg broken"

This is the first in-your-face message an Egyptian high-rank official delivers publicly to Hamas.

He even proceeded on criticizing Hamas, describing its encounter against Israel as "caricature-like and funny." He explained that it is logical that if you face an enemy you try to hurt them and cause casualties.. In Hamas's case, they face Israel to cause the Palestinian people more suffering, now that their rockets either fall in no-mans-land desert or return back to hit them. Thus, they gain nothing but giving Israel every justification to strike the Palestinians.

In fact this is the first time I find an Egyptian official to attack and criticize Hamas on TV. I think his message is well delivered.

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