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Friday, February 08, 2008 

Walk like an Egyptian and score like one too!

I am proud of my country's national team and I have every right to be. I have not written a word about the African Nations Cup – Ghana 2008 despite the fact that there were so many things to talk about: Abu Trika's "Sympathize with Gaza", the win over Cameroon, the Sudanese coach's comments and most important of all is the drastically poor organization by Ghana. However, today is another day. Egypt gave Cote D'Ivoire ANOTHER spanking today that breaks any silence.

I missed the first half of the match, being unavailable. I was surprised when I heard the taxi driver telling me that Egypt has finished the first half leading by a goal to nil. Damn, the Ivoirians (Elephants) were doing so well all through the tournament. I mean bullshit, I thought we were going to have bad day despite our outstanding performance all through the tournament. Cote D'Ivoire was just superior on paper, but the game was not played on paper. In the pitch, Egypt taught Cote D'Ivoire some lesson tonight that broke the Elephants' arrogance in shame; and gave the whole world, specially the Europeans, something to talk about until Sunday February 13th, 2008.

I am not going to describe the second half, I will leave this video do the talking to tell you how well we played, and how outclassed the Elephants' were.

The win secured Egypt a tough encounter against Cameroon, whom we met and defeated with 4 goals in the group stage, in the tournament's final match. The Pharaohs are just going to make it again, God willing, and we will retain the cup.

During the match, Cairo's innately overcrowded streets were almost empty. I felt like I am in no man's land. Everybody is watching the game. I say it again… EVERYBODY. After the match, it was 1:15 AM in Cairo and I dare you can move your care an inch. Everybody is celebrating, everybody is dancing, everybody is wearing red, black and white and everybody is just shouting the name of their country in joy. I have taken photos of the streets I walked through and they will be available as soon as I come to terms with the whereabouts of my mobile's cable since I have got a brother from hell.

Looking at how 'the other' saw the game. BBC commentators were strangely biased to Cote D'Ivoire. The Europeans know nothing but what their eyes see in their own football leagues. Most of them supported Cote D'Ivoire. People commenting on BBC's 606 were just so funny. One of them never knew that Egypt knew football (guess what, we don't ride camels either :P), another just thought Egyptians were so lucky, but when we scored the 4th goal he started to support Cameroon (anything but Egypt it seems). Others were so angry because they lost their bets on the Elephants to win the trophy… I guess thousands lost money because of us today.

The Pharaohs today were so pharaoh-cious, and won the game pharaoh-and-square ;); quoting some Egyptian on BBC.

Pray with us, Egypt wins the cup for the 6th time and the 2nd time in a row.

Read about Ghana 2008 here.

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WOWWWWWW!!!!!!! that was really great, i am soo proud with our national team,, those are our men, i hope we can win on Sunday isA... It will be a real event..
DO IT EGYPT!!!!!!!!!

So well and nice posting , I like it.

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