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Monday, July 31, 2006 

Take a step forward!

I have received this message in my inbox. It is for everyone that wants to support the innocent civilians that are suffering from this war in which terrorism is a main theme approved by the whole world. Read this:

Here is the least we can do to support the Lebanese people, I know
what u must be thinking how do I know this is really gonna reach them. Well, the
answer is this information is right from the Lebanese embassy in Cairo; and
this is their phone number: you can call them to check for yourself:
02 738 2823

Money donations are on account number: 156 156 6002 (Bank

If you want to help by sending clothes, food, blankets or
medicine donations plz contact:
Egyptian Lebanese Friendship Association (gam3eyat el sadaka al masreya al

Phone number: 726 9612

If u are in another country other than Egypt, contact the Lebanese embassy
in ur country and ask where do they accept donations.

Please spread the word.

P.S.: Some would say why don't I call for donations for the Israeli victims as well... I think America's support is well enough.


Pictures of the other face of terrorism!

You can view different pictures of the massacre in here:

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Thanks to The Truth Will Set You Free

If you can't view the album, click here to see the images.

Sunday, July 30, 2006 

Qana 1996 - 2006

The Qana shelling took place on April 18, 1996 in Qana, a village located southeast of Tyre, Lebanon. Amid heavy fighting between the Israeli Defense Forces and Hezbollah during "Operation Grapes of Wrath", a Fijian UNIFIL compound in the village was shelled by Israeli artillery. Around 800 Lebanese civilians had taken refuge there to escape the fighting, of whom 106 were killed and around 116 others injured. Four UNIFIL soldiers were also seriously injured. The event has sometimes been referred to as the Qana massacre, for example by Human Rights Watch and the BBC.


An Israeli air strike killed 54 civilians, including 37 children, on Sunday,
prompting Lebanon to tell U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice she was
unwelcome in Beirut and fuelling world pressure for a ceasefire.
It is just the same scenario. They hit a building full of civilians and
say Hezbollah used civilians as human shields, or they did not want to kill
civilians, the attack was intended to be on Hezbollah but the IDF shot by
mistake... Or any of this crap that we should eat for good whenever they do one
of their massacres. Sorry, only fools and racist asses can believe such crap

To the Israeli motherfuckers who show their ugly faces on TV
spitting lies about the massacre, I got some questions:

Israel said it regretted the incident - but added that civilians had been warned
to flee the village.

Olmert, if you are hitting Qana because Hezbollah are hiding there, how the fuck would you tell civilians to flee. Doesn't this mean that Hezbollah fighters will flee as well?

Israel said it was unaware civilians were in the building and accused Hizbollah
of firing rockets from Qana

Oh really? Then how did you send a warning to the civilians to flee?

Israel said the Shia militant group was responsible for the Qana strike, because
it used the town to launch rockets.

Oh yeah, and the civilians had the rockets stuck in their asses, so they exploded as soon as the civilians got killed. Where the fucken rockets at huh?

I wonder what kind of a major military power that does not know every piece of information about its targets. In 1996, they shelled a UN building full of refugees, and justified the act saying that they had old maps. And now they say they did not know that civlians were in there although they - themselves - said that they warned the civilians.

The BBC's Jim Muir, in Qana, says many did not have the means - or were too
frightened - to flee.
Okay, so let them burn.

In pictures:

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Qana 1996

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Qana 2006

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Qana 1996

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Qana 2006
Tactics never change... huh!
Al Jazeera

Friday, July 28, 2006 

Comment on "Hello Sir, we gonna blow up your home"

The story in that post is true. It is a new tactic that the Israeli army uses when they are about to strike 'civilian' areas. In the last couple of days this tactic was used in Gaza. They give you a phone call telling to get out of your home because they are going to strike it in an hour. Then, after 15 minutes, you get your home blown up. One of the stories on Aljazeera TV was of 5 handicaped girls who were killed under the rubbles of their house before their neighbours could evacuate them.

I think this new tactic answers that the Israeli hit civilian areas because Hamas fighters hide among civilians and take them as human armour. If Israeli is striking your home because they believe you have a terrorist inside, why would they give you a call telling you to get the hell out?? Doesn't this mean that if you have a terrorist with you, the terrorist will flee out too?

I think the whole new tactic is never different from placing a bomb in a crowded square and then give the police a call saying "a bomb will blow in ten minutes". Both are terrorism. Even if the fact that Israel is giving such phonecalls before they strike is meant to terrorize people to put more pressure on Hamas and the government, it is just another face of terrorism.

Looking at what happens in Lebanon and Gaza by the Israeli Army... I wonder who is going to declare the Israeli Government a terrorist organization....

I know there are people who are going to say "Well, Arabs used to blow up cafes and attack cities". I say: and you considered this as terrorism. Apply the same rules on Israel, if attacking civilians is an act of terror that makes Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists rather than resistance militias, then Israeli government is a terrorist organization.

Thursday, July 27, 2006 

It is not about disarming

At this particular stage, things tend to be clear. Meanwhile, differences tend to be blurry. I am not being philosophical here. It is now clear that: Israel and USA cooperated in the current offensive, Arabs are no different from EU as they are all negative. And the fact that Israel's offensive targets civilians and civil infrastructure blurs any difference between terrorism, resistance and self-defense. Now let me explain.

It is very clear that the Israeli offensive against Lebanon was not a spontaneous reaction to the kidnapping of the two soldiers. I believe Israel knew all about the Hezbollah cross-border-snatch-soldier plan the same way they knew all about the Palestinian plan to kidnap Gilad Shalit (the Israeli soldier kidnapped in Gaza). Lebanese reports about the large Israeli spying ring discovered in southern Lebanon and Beirut make me sure that they knew all about the Hezbollah plan.

With this in mind, it would not be fanciful to think that the USA was put in the picture before Israel carries out the offensive. And this is very clear when you take a look at US administration reactions, John Bolton's behavior in the UN and Rice's behavior in Rome. It was very clear that Rome's talks will be a failure, you could read it on Condy's face. The fact that a group of nations meet and fail to reach a cease-fire agreement while innocent civilians die every now and then leaves me with no choice but to believe that the talks have failed on purpose as at least one nation did its best to make it all fail. Moreover, if you consider the Israeli statements after the Rome failure saying that the world supports Lebanon assault, it makes it more probable that the talks have failed on purpose so that Israel can make the best use of it and escalate the situation.

If that is the case, I believe there is a great purpose behind all what is going now. A purpose that is far beyond the disarming of Hezbollah.


Hello Sir, we gonna blow up ur home!

The following story is not my imagination, it is true. A new tactic that is widely used.

Place: A house
Time: Midnight

Phone ringing, you go and pick up...

You: "Hello"
IDF: "This is the IDF speaking"
You: "What??"
IDF: "We are informing you that we are going to blow up your house in an hour."
You: "WHAT??"
IDF: "You should take all your belongings and leave before we strike"
You: "Hey, we are a family here, we have handicaped and children... Please,.."
IDF: "Thank you for your co-operation"

Click... (call is over)

After 15 minutes, your house receives a laser-targetted missile and collapses.

You: "Damn Israeli liers, they said in an hour"

Comment soon...

Sunday, July 23, 2006 

Comments on BBC

I read some comments on BBC News that are truly smart and non-biased. I thought I should show them here:

"Can anybody imagine an ordinary Iranian watching this slaughter of Lebanese and Palestinian civilians (with open approval from Bush and Blair), not thinking, "My country definitely needs nukes to defend itself now."

Clearly, if the Lebanese and Palestinians had possessed nukes and so were in a position to defend themselves from the Israeli military, their citizens would not be dying in droves now.

Nuclear non-proliferation is a good idea only so long as you can defend yourself otherwise."
- John, Hemel Hempstead

"Why are Israeli neighbours keeping so quiet about what is happening in Lebanon? I find it hard to believe they can't flex their well "oiled" muscles to put pressure onto well placed trading partners of Israel . This is surely the fastest way of making Israeli leaders sit up & take notice of the what most of the other world countries think,with the exception of a few.
Perhaps media in the UK are keeping quiet about what other middle-easten countries leaders are saying about the crisis."
- John Richardson, Reading, United Kingdom

"Two wrongs do not make a right. Insisting on collective responsibility and then inflicting collective punishment seems to be the stock-in-trade of Israel. This is illegal under international law and it is to the shame of the US that they unquestioningly support it.

Thus, Palestinian families have their homes bulldozed if one of their members is involved in any kind of incident. Entire neighbourhoods are flattened. And a nation has its infrastructure destroyed. All in the name of self defence!"
- Patrick Pooler, Brighton

"So Israel is defending itself by bombing cities and killing civilians because two soldiers were kidnapped. Is that self-defence? Lets look at it another way. If a family member were kidnapped and that family knew where the kidnapper's family lived, would that give them the right to bomb their house and kill people in that house. Is that self-defence? if so. I would like to see that stand up in a court of law as self-defence"
- Graham Belton, Puebla, Mexico

"I don't know why soem people are appset about three Israeli soldiers being kidnapped. Are soldiers supposed to be having fun nad going to movies? Those people should uppset about more than 10,000 Arab kidnapped by Israeli troops most of whom are civilians and are below 18 years of age in addition to more than 100 women."
- Anas Maleh
Can you answer them?

Saturday, July 22, 2006 

To those who argue...

Hezbollah (meaning Party of God) is a Lebanese Shia Islamist group and political party, with a military arm and a civilian arm, founded in 1982 to fight the Israeli Defense Forces who occupied southern Lebanon until the year 2000 and still occupying "Shebaa" area in the south of lebanon.
Hezbollah was "inspired by the success of the Iranian Revolution" and was formed primarily to combat Israeli occupation following the 1982 Lebanon War. Hezbollah follows the distinct Shia Islamic ideology developed by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

Along with the Amal movement, Hezbollah is the main political party and military organization representing the Shia community, Lebanon's largest religious bloc; and it is a recognized political party in Lebanon, where it has participated in government. The civilian wing participates in the Parliament of Lebanon, taking 18% of the seats (23 out of 128) and the bloc it forms with others, the "Resistance and Development Bloc", 27.3% (see Lebanese general election, 2005). It is a minority partner in the current Cabinet.
Hezbullah is not just a resistance group, but also a party, a symbole for Lebanon's second largest sect. And YES Israel is the reason why Hezbullah now exists... violence brings about more violece hah...

And here you got it... Israel still occupies part of Lebanon and resistance is rightful.

This is just for those who argue...

Source is Wikipedia... not an Arab source hah.


Let's defend the north X3

It is really funny when you find people throwing predictions here and there and braging about the fact that they "believe Israel is going to re-occupy Lebanon" or "think the Israeli reaction is not spontanuous"...

Take a look back at history... it just repeats itself...

1978: Operation Litani
Israel is bombing everywhere in Lebanon. Civilians and civil infrasturcture was targetted and faced real destrcution. Israel believed there are terrorist infrastructure in Lebanon that they intend to destroy. Then they bomb everywhere in the South to drive out citizens (as they claim). Then they moved with their army 20 miles into Lebanon without facing any resistance. Lebanese civilians flee North. United States backs Israel.

1980: Defend North Israel
The same scenario is repeated as the Israeli leader this time say they are defending north Israel from the terrorist PLO.

2006: Self-defence
You all know the story... and looking back at history, you would know what is to come.

  • The first US naval piece to reach the area around Lebanon has just arrived days ago since 1983. Oh... bad old days.

NOW: Do you really think they are defending themselves?


The best comment I read

"It takes true courage to wage peace, and not one leader in all of mid-east... or anywhere else has that courage"...

This is a comment on BBC News by Jared from the US.

It is the best I have ever read since the beginning of the crisis.


I want you to see it in 1,2...3

I wanted to see the situation from a different perspective, a different point of view:

1- Resistance is the result of a foreign occupation of one nation to another. For example, if the imaginary country of Lapontana occupied all/part of the lands of the other imaginary country Shakonga, the Shakongians have a natural right to resist and fight for freedom; and such a right is globally approved.

However, there are rules that the Shakongians (the occupied) need to take into consideration: they have to attack or fight the Lapontanian army only, and never attack Lapontanian citizens. Moreover, all what the Shakongians do for the sake of resistance that does not fall under the war crimes category is a pure act of approved resistance.

2- Any organized attack against civilians by a group of people with intention of terrorizing or destruction is a pure act of terrorism. Can you argue about that?

3- A look back at the situation:
  • Israel occupies part of Lebanon to the moment (Shabaa Farms in the south). This gives the Lebanese the right to resist, correct?
  • Hizbullah attacked Israeli troops, kidnapped two. (They did not attack civilians in here) Isn't it a pure resistance if considered under the previously stated point?
  • Israel considered it an act of war, as Hizbullah crossed into the Israeli borders to carry out their operation. Well, isn't occupying someone's land is an act of war itself that deserves resistance?
  • The Israeli reaction was to attack civilian targets in the South and Beirut... What do you call this under point number two?

The question is: If we consider Hizbullah and Hamas as terrorist groups because they attack civilians, why don't you apply the same to Israel at this very moment?

Parts of Lebanon that are still under occupation:
Israel still occupies many parts of the Lebanese territories. One of these areas includes part of the Wazzani river, a small river that runs along the border, from which the Zionists are openly pumping the water toward their colonies south of the border. Other Lebanese areas still occupied by the Israelis are the Shebaa Farms, in which they have planned to build a settlement for the Ethiopian Jews, called Falasha Moro.

While Israel admits that the Shebaa Farms had been "stolen/captured" by force since 1967, it argues that they belong to Syria. Syrian government informed the United Nations on many occasions that these farms are Lebanese. But nothing changed.

What do you think?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 

For those who care...

Although I do not believe that petitions work in such cases, I still find it a chance to at least show solidarity with those who die every day with no guilts at all. If you care, please sign this petition and post in your blog or forward it to your friends.

To The Concerned Citizen of The World:
"Killing innocent civilians is NOT an act of self-defense. Destroying a sovereign nation is NOT a measured response."Lebanese civilians have been under the constant attack of the state of Israel for several days. The State of Israel, in disregard to international law and the Geneva Convention, is launching a maritime and air siege targeting the entire population of the country. Innocent civilians are being collectively punished in Lebanon by the state of Israel in deliberate acts of terrorism as described in Article 33 of the Geneva Convention.... (Read more)

SIGN the petition...


Interesting Conversations

My friend: Are u concerned about Israeli civilians?
Me: I am calculating the cost on the two sides
My friend: A little correction: Israel holds no civilians, all of the Israeli 'society' are actually 'gonoud e7teyat' (Arabic word for reservists) and they are summoned in case of war.
Me: Then I am not a civilian, because in my current status the Egyptian government has the right to call me to arms anytime, does this justify any act of violence against me by a foreign threat?
My friend: We didn't rape any one's land and build our houses forcibly on it! We're not occupiers, they are!

I had this interesting conversation with one of my closest friends that may kill me for publishing it in here. But it really symbolizes the current situation on the cultural level on both sides: the Arabs and their supporters and the Israelis and their supporters. In here most of us view any attack on Israel as a heroic act of resistance, be it against civilians or not.

Now look at this one:

Me: You know I heard that the Rabbis Supreme Council in Jerusalem urged the Israeli government to kill civilians in Lebanon and Gaza. It was on the national radio station here... If it is true, doesn't it mean that Rabbis who stand for Judaism are instigating terrorism.
Reader: This is no terrorism, it is a war against terrorism. They are terrorists and they had our soldiers killed. They are paying for what they did. This doesn't have to do with Judaism so do not relate it to terrorism.
Me: To be true, to me killing of civilians is an act of terror, like it or not, but that is what it is. Those civilians killed and attacked in Lebanon have not crossed the borders to kill your soldiers. Now considering the fact that killing of civilians is an act of terror, then instigating the killing of innocent civilians is supporting an act of terror. That's why I find it crystal clear that what the Supreme Council came out with is pure instigation of terrorism.
Reader: There are not innocent civilians there, this is to start with. They support terrorists, then they are one....
Me: Back at you!

Although the piece of news that I was discussing with Dan (if it was your real name, Dan) is not confirmed as I found no source for it on BBC, CNN, Reuters or any trusted news source. Dan emphasized that it is totally true. The fact that he did not deny, but even supported it just completed the missing part of the image. The Israelis do not see civilians in Lebanon, all terrorist. Looking at my friend and Dan, I find myself looking at two people standing face to face as if they are looking into a mirror.

My friend...

Civilians are civilians.

I think we all suffer from double-standards, don't we?


Olmert hits the ball into the wall

Hezbollah's capture of two Israeli soldiers last week was timed to divert attention from Tehran's nuclear programme, the Israeli PM has claimed.

Mr Olmert said the timing of the incident was not an accident, and the international community at the G8 summit in Russia had fallen for it - discussing Lebanon rather than Iran's nuclear programme. BBC News

When I read this piece of news I got mixed thoughts. Is Olmert blaming the world for being fooled by his foolishness? Or is he fooling the world himself and just hitting the ball into the wall?

The first thought, was that Olmert has already realized that what he did as a reaction to the kidnapping of the two soldiers is already a great mistake that totally diverted the world's eyes and ears to a conflict that started out of nothing. Therefore, he is blaming the world saying "Hizbullah and the Iranians fooled me and got me into a conflict so that they can fool you and distract you away from the Tehran's nuclear programs. And they succeeded, fools." So it is like he is telling the world "you fools are losers because you discuss the misdeeds of a fool like I am"

However, I believe Olmert is not that stupid... may be a little less. I mean, Olmert seems to have realized that what he does in Lebanon distracted the world and moved the focus of events from Tehran to Beirut and Tel Aviv. Therefore, he is hitting the ball into the wall, he is involving Iran into the conflict so that the whole nuclear issue is brought back to light once again. And this time it gonna be even stronger as Iran will be a part of conflict with Israel, the country for whom the USA is fighting to disarm Iran of any nuclear weapons/technology. So he hits the ball into the wall, and gets it back all in his hands.

Still I believe Olmert is stupid, as he gave those who support the Syrian influence over Lebanon every right to come back and say "See, that's why the Syrians should have been here". I had a talk about it with a Lebanese friend. Her father supports the Syrian influence over Lebanon. She said "You can't imagine, my dad's likes are taking advantage of the situation and no one can argue with them". I think their voices are loud enough to be heard in the White House:

"Syria is trying to get back into Lebanon, it looks like to me," Bush says.

The question is, does Olmert really want Iran to be involved in the situation? I don't think so.

Sunday, July 16, 2006 

Isn't it terrorism?

As the situation escalates dramatically, only one scene catches my eyes: a scene of death and destruction. I am not being romantic here, I just got questions in my mind that are left without answers. Why do those who die either in Israel or in Lebanon every day have to pay for something they have nothing to do with.

I wonder if the Hizbullah foolish act is really worth of all the Lebanese deaths?? I wonder if the Israeli overreaction is the correct reply to the kidnapping of the two soldiers?... How many Israelis have died already for those two soldiers? How many Lebanese innocent civilians died for a foolish act they have nothing to do with???

If the collapsing lady, or the destroyed city, or the homeless children and the dead bodies are really so cheap to be the prices of the Hizbullah and Israeli foolish acts, can anyone find any difference between terrorism and the current situation on both sides?

She collapsed out of shock and sadness

Homeless children

Destruction of Beirut... This image is not 20 years old!

A question that really needs an answer...

Saturday, July 15, 2006 

A special dedication...

Last night I had a very loud conversation with 3 of my friends. First talking about what happens in Lebanon now, and the Israeli overreaction. Finally, ending with the fact that they believe that the Israeli might is an illusion.

It is truly disappointing when you find out that people close to you are still thinking in the same old fashion that once brought about the worst defeat in Egypt's modern history. "We are powerful": they think, Israel don't dare to touch us.

To my friends and their likes, I dedicate this movie to you:

Thursday, July 13, 2006 

Initial thoughts... Stupidity versus Might

It reminds me of a story I used to be told when I was a kid. There was a very thin weak guy who always thought he was the strongest on Earth. He was so stupid and narrow-minded that he thought that he never imagined that there may be anything in the world that would go against his will or calcualtions. One day that guy snatched a hair from a very big man's leg. The big man had a big family that aids him. So the other day, that big guy and all his family, attacked the weak thin guy and destroyed every single part of his house. And he lost the only shelter he could ever have in the world, his home.

I never thought I would see this story come true.

Hizboullah kidnap two Israeli soldiers accross the border.
Israel answers back with raids and air strikes.

1- Hizbollah kills two Israelis
2- 46 Lebanese lost their lives... And the country is on fire.

God bless my mother who told me that story.

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